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Used trucks on sale

Purchase of a vehicle:
easy and safe

With 30 years of experience in selling used trucks, the name Mantova Diesel has become a guarantee of a scrupulous selection of suppliers, quality service and absolute transparency in the negotiation phase

Used trucks on sale
Servizi finanziari
Financial consulting

Request for a financing plan:
simple and customized

In order to assist our customers in all phases of the buying process, Mantova Diesel offers a professional and transparent financial consultation service.

Financial consulting
After sales

After sales service:
cortese e efficace

In the continuous development of our customer loyalty program, providing after-sales service is a fundamental commitment of Mantova Diesel to allow those who buy a commercial or industrial vehicle to maximize the enjoyment of their investment.

After sales service
Allestimento veicoli

Vehicle fittings: versatile and customized

Ongoing collaborations established over the years with major companies specializing in the manufacture of custom versions of commercial and industrial vehicles have enabled Mantova Diesel to offer its vehicles with certain equipment to meet a diversity of individual operative needs specific to each sector of the economy such as construction, ecology, food and many more.

Vehicle fittings